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WELCOME TO CINERAMAX F-1 Class Immersive Private Cinemas

From The Beginning…

35 years making Miami the Home Cinema Capital of the World. Only cinema technology firm that Increased innovation rate twenty-fold during the last 4 years’   creation of  a NEW F-1 Class in Maximum Immersion Cinemas. Adopting exclusively HDR 6P laser projection and 32 channels of intense personal space invasive object based audio. World record in private cinema achieved in CINEMA TRITON (DE). In the coming months we will divulge to  the technical community our newly discovered best practices.Legacy for Mid C XXI

Tenpole Mastering HDR Laser

We alone espouse 6P laser to avoid under-performing from 37% to 45% in the NEW Dolby Cinema Image Quality Scale. While others sell obsolete technology, we lead, co-developing unparalleled TENTPOLE CRAFTERS 4K HDR Mastering Projectors (capable of extra 15% resolution) in the $300K to $1.5M range. Starting with projectors like the Barco Residential New THOR Laser 6P, we then refine and elevate the same to  SMPTE 2086 studio spec, this is achieved by working with the top manufacturers in a Mercedes-AMG fashion. We alone can empower the Tentpole Masters with the most powerful creative tool at their disposal. A Mid C XXI legacy mission.

F-1 Service Anywhere

We take pride in the longevity and ease of use of our engineered systems, clients are encouraged to contact us  24/7.  In 2014 we were called to perform a remote system repair over the internet 8,000 miles away.  Within 24 hours all 4 unrelated issues were adeptly fixed. Our next Moons Of Jupiter feature complete system remote telemetry. Power Amps, Projectors, rack & projector temperature history, a microphone and camera system that allow us to perform a site visit and find even blown speakers and calibrate the projected image periodically as if being present (from across the world).  Sensors de-activate camera and microphones upon ingress assuring client privacy.

Deliberate Execution

Creating a F-1 class theater system and room involves much forethought  best planned in advance.  Undertaking  a whole implementation program from Shop Drawings, Schematics, and Architectural Submittals, with deliberate equipment selection and procurement, Engineering, Commissioning, maintenance, and upgrade-ability.   Having completed unparalleled R&D on high verisimilitude immersive systems we morph from catering to End Users into an Immersion resource to  dealers entering the MAXIMUM IMMERSION F-1 private cinema rank. We will not serve new clients directly with the exception of Existing Patrons & Enthusiast Friends. See Moons.


Experience Matters
During our CINEMA DESIGNER YEARS, each project was approached in a clean sheet of paper fashion, using all of the most advanced concepts at the time. The Moons of Saturn collection by CINERAMAX represents the most prolific canon in the high-end private screening room field. Our latest research synchronously conducted during the crucial formative 4 years of the immersion industry is so focused and refined that it sets us 10 years ahead.

Helping others replicate Award Winning Installs
Uniquely qualified to support the CEDIA elite. Because you cannot be both vendor and competitor at once CINERAMAX, steps aside and will not compete with our dealer network in the lmmersion Systems arena as proof of our commitment to maximum dealer advocacy.

Moons of Jupiter and Neptune.
An exception to our B to B oath, we  retain 3 existent patrons in the personal cinema designer capacity: Starchitect Zeb Jarosz, and Uber-Developers Ugo Colombo and Vladislav Doronin. Moons Of Jupiter are strictly theirs. In the IMMERSION ENTHUSIASTS category CINERAMAX and Quested Monitoring Systems announced the Global Immersive Deployment Fleet. Immersive sound-only upgrades named after Moons of Neptune with maximum personal space invasion imaging, as proven 4 times by QUESTED-CINERAMAX the world over.  Maiden Moons: PSAMATHE – Detroit MI, TRITON – Cologne DE,  NEREID – Sidney AU, PROTEUS – Sarasota FL.