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January 4, 2016


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After receiving maximum honors at CEDIA 2015 with it’s 6P Laser Projection and 3D Audio IMMERSION 2025 demonstration in the BARCO Booth. CINERAMAX discovered yet another way to revolutionize High Performance IMMERSIVE cinemas in more intimate venues of 4 to 9 seats.

Inadvertingly while evaluating the NEW OLED flat panel technology it was found by several expert viwers in the cineramax team that OLED is indeed a revolutionary photorealistic technology embued with a natural optical phenomenom: It’s apparent size is the equivalent of 1.5 times that size in any other display technology, be it LCD or any kind of projection except 6P laser which start at $225K going up to $1.5M. This is huge news that forever will change Home Cinema as we know it. Another exciting aspect is the anticipated year to year growth rate in OLED screen sizes which challenges the basic idea of Home Cinema Design where you determine your screen size and then design around it. Thus this growing ECRAN scenario is what CINERAMAX calls CINEOLED. Immersive Media Rooms and more intimate Home Cinemas will never be the same again. In the very near future CINEOLED screens will be so large that they will come in a roll form factor for ease of installation through doorways and elevators. Thus the quality of life brought to condominiums is something inconceivable even last year.


The main reason for the apparent larger Image size “Psychovisual Optical Phenomenom” in comparison to Projection and LCD up to 1.5 times the OLED size are the additional “new PQ dimensions that OLED brings” , specifically in Wide Color Gamut, Room Light Independent Contrast , HIGH MTF (finely detailed) images of 4k or 8K, superior high motion resolution, HDR (high dynamic range) and the most incredible life-like 3D yet with glasses so light and comfortable you forget you are wearing them and “simply are immersed”. Here is what the most respected new guard editor in VisualTechnology Chris Chinnok and moderator of Display Summit had to say:

Indeed because of CINEOLED and the 6P Laser IMMERSION 2025 MINI-PLF (premium Large Format) with highly verisimilar, natural 3D Audio, 2016 will be the greatest year in Home Cinema History.

Let’s review those size differential comparisons (OLED VS. non 6P Laser Projection):

A 4k OLED 77″ trumps a projection of 115″ diagonal, these will be available early 2016, then by X’Mas 2016 the 98″ OLED trumps an image from ANY OTHER PROJECTOR OR FLAT SCREEN as large as 147″ diagonal (6P Laqser excepted). A Pardygm Shift you heard first from us. The CINERAMAX CINEOLED PROGRAM prepares your cinema for the larger future sizes, and accomodates in perfect engineering fashion the 77 to start the growing screen revolution. The CINEOLED harnesses the 35 plus years CINERAMAX Immersive audio expertise deploying speakers around rear projection screen and solid Torus screens, In addition the CINEOLED audio system is designed one time and engineered so that the screen augmentation process minimally impacts the original installation in every way, acoustically, mechanically, electrically and structurally.

This 250 yacht for example demonstrates ouf first proposed CINEOLED design.



e5cinema seating

Cinema Screen Profile webAn unremarkable 100″ projection system is being replaced by the “most spectacular display known to man” in two phases, first with a 4k HDR OLED 77″ and within a year the screen augments with a simple procedure to a whopping 8K HDR 98″ which in this intimate venue yields the image viewing impact of a (considering OLED Increased size Optical Illusion) 147″ IMAX-like premium quality projection cinema.

CINEOLED CINEOLED scaled-77-FABRIC web In a one day procedure this clever automated Screen support extends out to replace the reference display size.CINEOLED scaled-98-FABRIC web

The most advanced 3D FORMAT AGNOSTIC DOLBY ATMOS, DTS-X and AURO 3D immersive soundfield afloat.

CINEOLED scaled-98- 11 screen speakers web

The CINEOLED 11 speaker “bi-amplified fronts” channel proscenium is designed through computer modelling to portray the most amazing 3D audio screen sound, approaching the quality of our show winner IMMERSION 2025 CEDIA DEMO.

gary's cedia quoteThe Editor of WIDESCREENREVIEW the longest running Home Cinema Publication is the most respected and cherished for several decades on this field. His words.


auromaxIn conjuction with select JBL Synthesis electronics and special bespoke CINEOLED triple channel James Loudspeakers the front screen speaker array is complimented by 9 bed channels packed ingeniously unto 4 exisiting surround speaker cavities.



CALYPSO’s CINEOLED Media Rack contains CINERAMAX curated best in class immersive content with picture and sound preset adjustments “personally optimized for maximum reality recreation ultraperfect effect” in memory, for each Film or HI Res Audio track this world’s first innovation is what we call CINERAMAX ON BOARD. This is necessary in the best of all systems as the better they are garbage in garbage out, in CINEOLED you are assured by the top expert in the field that you are getting the best possible image and sound possible.

Cinema Rack SMALL


Blu-Link all aes 96/24 pure signal path allows for Neville Thiele FIR filter room correction the best when using small diameter drivers such as in CALYPSO CENEOLED. The signal is digital from source to processor to dividing and crossover network to last amplification stage.



repurpose projector box

standard 5 inch quad tweeter extruded

The Calypso CINEOLED is truly the harbringer of future immersion to Yachts, Private Airplanes, and Luxury Condominiums delivering our signature F1-Class 10 years ahead of the game IMMERSION 2025 experience to premium spaces for the most demanding clientele.

The above Marine CINEOLED is followed by our second design, one of three options available for the buyer of this $35.0M Miami Beach spec home designed by Starchitect Zeb Jarosz.


Because there are many different families interested in the properties CINERAMAX is presenting three best in class option from the CINEOLED 77/98″ phase size augmented immersive media room to a system such as the one presented at CEDIA with a 6P Barco Laser Projector and 22.1 Format Agnostic Immersive Sound.