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October 30, 2013

The Meaning of Albiorix

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Albiorix is a name given to Mars by the Gauls meaning King Of The World ALBIO-REX. The protective deity of what is now known as the French Riviera. Coincidentally the patron who has commissioned our last completed creation: System Albiorix is rumored to once have rented simultaneously half of the accommodations in the Hotel Du Cap during Cannes. If that were not enough of asynchronous even more prophetic was it’s unpremeditated name selection, because of what has just happened.

On my 55 Birthday providence, perseverance and a lot of sweat awarded me the most unanticipated gift i could have ever expected, the achievement of that once in a third moon multi-level parallel shift. The much necessitated rain that 3D was desperately parched for. The state of this semi-still born industry has been in drought indeed. Perfectionism yielded reflection-free, ghost-free, fatigue-free, can’t even tell you are wearing the spectacles-free 3D Nirvana; achieved on my 55th birthday. The much anticipated client review had everybody making last minute preparations and in doing so a cabinet maker dislodged a cable on the polarizer, it wasn’t even all the way out, 5 minutes before the client arrival and the 16 foot wide screen was all ghosts.

Through corner of my eye I noticed everyone involved in the project not connected to CINERAMAX preparing to quickly distance themselves from Albiorix in case of perhaps a chaotic client reaction. I literally ran up the ramps got next to the projector raised my elbow and slammed the darned thing. There was a cresendo of swooshing wheering noise and then clck,  voila 3D perfection was back there again in all of it;s glory. During the presentation the client was silent, his lieutenants anxiously awaiting a reaction interrupted and asked: how does it compare to such and such system, he simply said: It’s cleaner.

There is much to complete still on this remote project (so I don’t want to jinx a good thing but) it looks like it might be raining moons.

foyer-entrance7 Albiorix-WP That  is not an unfinished piece of the ceiling waiting for a afterthought cover, this is the world’s first Cinema were the “manufacturers sunroof package option” was selected.


The Penthouse has a lap pool that criss-crosses it, while swimming you can listen to the news in the water and if you want to you can dive to the bottom and watch an important news event submerged.

Why? Because you can I guess.